Friday, May 24, 2013

Trivia Team Battle

  Another school year has come to an end for our kiddos here at AAHS. What a year it has been! Summer is an exciting time for our young residents. SWIMMING! NO HOMEWORK! CAMP! We love to see the sweet smiles on their faces that accompany  summertime adventures.

    If our kids are in camp, then our moms stay in school and at work. Help us give our kids the best summer ever by playing Trivia with us on June 11th!

Here is how you can get involved:

STEP 1: Build a team of 4-8 people.
  • It can be office teams, organizational teams, neighborhood teams, or just a group of your family and friends
STEP 2: Register Your Team
STEP 3: Show up to the Beechwood Buffalo’s on June 11th by 7
  • Trivia will be held in the large back room at Buffalo’s. Come early at 6 for dinner (on your own) and prepare for the battle of your life!
  • This what you are fighting for: 1st Prize - $350; 2nd Prize - $150; 3rd Prize - $75
    That’s all it takes; four easy (and fun) steps to help 15 young kids stay in daycare/camp for the summer. There is nothing better than that. As always, we here at AAHS, are overwhelmingly thankful for any and all help you can give us and our residents.
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